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Challenge Rules

  • Initially each club hosted this competition in turn, as decided by the final League position at the end of the season. Since each club has now hosted the Day, we now go in turn.

The competition has been held so far at:

Ingon Manor 1995 Warwickshire2008
Stoneleigh 1996Ingon Manor2009
Whitefields 1997Stonebridge2010
Purley Chase 1998Stoneleigh2011
Oakridge 1999Ingon Manor2012
Henley 2000Whitefields2013
Abbey  2001Henley2014
Ingon Manor 2003Warwickshire2016
Stoneleigh 2004Stonebridge2017
Whitefields 2005Stratford Oaks
Purley Chase 2006


  • Only members of participating clubs shall be eligible to play in League and Challenge competitions.

  • Team Aggregate Stableford - Better Ball Pairs. As from January 1 2010. All players must have ACTIVE handicaps.

  • With seven clubs in the League, eight pairs will compete, of which the scores of the best seven shall count.

  • With eight clubs in the League, seven pairs will compete, best six to count.

  • With nine clubs in the league, seven pairs will compete, best six to count.

  • With ten clubs in the league, only six pairs will compete and all six will count.

  • In the event of a tie, the winner shall be decided by recourse to the scores of the seventh or eighth pairs of the tied teams. If still a tie, then normal rules of golf apply on the seventh or eight score. i.e B9; B6 etc.

  • If six pairs, all counting, then normal rules of golf will be applied; aggregate B9, B6 etc.

  • White tees.

  • The maximum handicap shall be 18 with a 90 % stroke allowance.

  • There shall be a shotgun start to the competition at 8:30 a.m., subject to revision by the host club.

  • Any team late to the tee for the shotgun start shall forfeit points from holes missed. Should no marker be available, the other pair in the same group shall be allowed to mark their own scorecard until the late pair re-establishes their correct position on the course.

  • Captains are responsible for checking scorecards. Any cards reaching the scorers which have been completed incorrectly will incur a penalty of 5 points.

  • The match shall be followed at approximately 2:30 p.m. by a meal; the prize-giving ceremony shall begin at approximately 3:30 p.m. Smart-casual attire shall be worn in the clubhouse.

  • The cost per player shall be based on:

Green Fee£

  • The sweep shall be divided and paid cash and balls:


i)Best Pair Stableford score on the day£
ii)Runner Up Pair Stableford score on the day£
iii)Third Pair Stableford score on the day£
iv)Best Front Nine Stableford score on the day£
v)Best Back Nine score on the day£
vi)The Winner of a competition for the longest drive£ balls
viii)The Winner of a competition for the ball nearest the pin on a short hole£ balls

  • Pairs are only eligible to win one prize, the highest value prize that they win. Other prizes will be awarded to the next best pair who has not already won a prize.

  • 2s Competition is always spent on golf balls in the Pro shop at the host club with the balls shared out amongst players with 2s.

  • No buggies are allowed, unless in cases of severe disability. 

  • All team captains shall be responsible for the collection of completed cards and their presentation to the adjudicators after the competition.

  • Distance measuring devices are allowed in accordance with the local rules of the host venue.

Last amended: September 2018

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