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Last updated: April 2023

  1. Player Eligibility 

Players must be a current member of a currently participating club.

(a) Players moving clubs and match eligibility.

Should a player move clubs, moving from one Avon League club to another, they will be permitted to participate in the Avon League matches under the restrictions below.

(i) The League Secretary must be notified if a player wishes to represent a new club in order to transfer their player records to their new club on the league website.
(ii) The player will not be eligible to play against the club which they have moved away from for the remainder of the current League season.
(iii) The player will not be eligible to play against any clubs which the club they have transferred from have already played.
(iv) Players are only eligible to change their nominated club once in a calendar year. This applies across all Avon competitions.

(b) Players with memberships at more than one participating club.

(i) For players who hold membership at multiple participating clubs, they should represent their “Home” club (i.e. the club at which their handicap is held).
(ii) Should a player wish to represent an “Away” club (i.e. a club of which they are a current member but not the one where their handicap is held), they must first obtain the permission of the Committee of both their “Home” and “Away” clubs, in addition to the permission of the League Secretary.
(iii) If a player wishes to switch their nominated club, they must obtain the permission of the Committee of both their “Home” and “Away” clubs, in addition to the permission of the League Secretary.
(iv) Rule 1(a), above, will apply regarding eligibility to play certain matches in the remainder of the current Avon League season.
(v) In addition, the player will not be eligible to play against any other clubs of which they are a member.

(c) Should a club be found to be fielding an ineligible player, they will lose the individual game(s) in which the ineligible player played and be deducted five points from their Avon League total for each match in which the ineligible player has played.

2. All competition teams shall be of twelve players and all players must have active competition handicaps.

3. All matches from White Tees (or equivalent competition tee), using the men's course and slope ratings. Clubs with more than 18 holes must nominate a designated 18 hole course prior to the start of each season.

4. Better Ball Match Play with individual strokes being the full difference of 90% of the course handicaps, after calculation from the handicap indices under the World Handicap System.

Step 1: Calculate each player's course handicap using their handicap index and the slope rating table.
Step 2: Take 90% of the course handicap and then round to the nearest full shot.
Step 3: Calculate the full difference between players in the match from these 90% values.

Player A - course handicap 6 - 90% is 5.4, rounded to 5 - lowest value, plays off scratch.
Player B - course handicap 10 - 90% is 9, receives 4 shots from player A
Player C - course handicap 13 - 90% is 11.7, rounded to 12, receives 7 shots from player A
Player D - course handicap 15 - 90% is 13.5, rounded to 14, receives 9 shots from player A

5. The maximum playing course handicap shall be 18, after calculation using the handicap index and the course/slope ratings for the course at which the match is to be played.

6. The home team shall provide visitors with refreshments before or after the match. It is hoped that as many members of both teams as possible shall stay to enjoy this together, thus creating a social as well as competitive atmosphere within the League. Dress can be either formal or smart casual, agreed between clubs prior to the match. Clubs are to provide a full English breakfast or main course where possible, providing costs do not become prohibitive.


  • 7.   A maximum of 15 points shall be available for each match; a team winning at home shall add eight bonus points to their match result, while a team winning away from home shall add 9 points to their match result. For example, a final score of 4-2 to the home team will result in the home team earning 12 points and the losing team 2 points. In the event of a 3-3 tie, 3 bonus points shall be awarded to the home team and 4 bonus points to the away team.

  • 8.   Both clubs are responsible for uploading their pairings and match results to the website. Failure to do so within 21 days of the match will result in the witholding of all points from that match and a five-point penalty being applied. The match points will be reinstated once the lineup has been added to the website, but the 5-point penalty shall remain. Any lineups missing 48 hours before the Challenge will result in a five-point team penalty in the Challenge for each lineup which is incomplete. In the case where uploading results is not possible, each team captain shall be responsible for sending a completed match result to the Secretary of the League.


  • 9a. All clubs shall ensure agreed match dates are agreed by the last day of December and input by the last day of January. Thereafter, no changes of dates will be allowed except in exceptional circumstances.

    9b. All matches must be completed at least two weeks before the Challenge and Presentation Day. 

    9c. In agreeing match dates Captains were asked to be cautious where poor light may have an influence on individual game results. As a guideline, no evening matches should take place outside of June 1 to July 18.

    9d. It is recommended that clubs contact each other at least seven days prior to a match to ensure that the date, time and eating arrangements are known to each club and agreed.

    10a. In exceptional circumstances, it is acceptable for Captains to agree a cancellation or postponement of a match        provided the reasons are acceptable to both Captains and a new date agreed mutually. The club initiating the cancellation shall be responsible for notifying the Secretary of the League.

    10b. Matches cancelled within the 7 days prior to the agreed date may, if a new date cannot be agreed, result in a 6 – 0 win to the team “available” to play. From now, 2015, no bonus points will be awarded so that clubs must attempt to get the match played. No individual matches will be awarded points in the “Player of the Year” competition.

    10c It is expected that matches postponed due to a management decision or course closure at the beginning of the season should be able to be rescheduled but matches postponed towards the end of the season may struggle to be rescheduled. In both cases if the captains cannot agree a new date, the captain's may agree a 3 – 3 draw with no bonus points and no individual results. 


  • 11. In the event of a club not completing their fixtures in a season, their results against all teams shall be deleted, giving no points to any teams in their matches. Before the beginning of the next season, the other teams of the League shall vote on the issue of that club's continued participation in the League. By entering the Avon League, each member club at the start of each season of play in the League (usually around April 1st) agrees to contribute their share of the Trophy Fund for the League, Trophy and Challenge for that year.  By commencing play in the League season, each member club commits to fielding a team at the end-of-season Challenge.

  • 12. The date and first tee time for all matches must be reconfirmed by Captains one week prior to the match being played If after that teams are players short, the matches must go ahead without them. All matches must start on time unless agreed by Captains. Individual matches must start with 8 minute intervals and if players have not arrived, the matches must start without them. Should any individual match be conceded as a walkover, the winning team will be awarded a 1 up win, but no players will be given points towards the Player of the Year.

    • 13. To accommodate late arrivals the playing order of matches can be changed but no individual player should be moved to another match without agreement of both Captains.

      It was also felt that occasionally changes are made to match team order or players are moved to other matches following sight of the opposing team sheet. This was not considered to be in the spirit of the League and Captains are asked to submit their teams in writing in playing order on meeting the opposing captain. Once submitted, it is agreed that players and matches should remain in the order as stated on the sheet.

  • 14.  No Buggies are allowed in matches but this can be over-ruled by Captains in a case of severe disability. If a buggy is allowed for a person, his playing partner must still walk and carry or use trolley for his clubs.

    15.  GPS Systems are allowed subject club Local Rules and visiting clubs must abide by the home club Local Rule about their use.

  • 16.  In the event of the players having to be brought off the course during a match for rain, thunder or lightning, the following rules are applied;

  •        a) If players come off the course due to the conditions, it is agreed that a minimum of 1 hour (cumulative in the case of            more than one delay) should be allowed for conditions to improve for players to go out on the course again.

  •        b) If players can return to the course within the hour, then all matches are to be played to a conclusion.

           If, after one hour, the course is still unfit for play, then;

           a) If all matches are past the 9th hole when players have to come off, then the result as it is at that time, will stand.

           b) If all matches are not past the 9th hole, then a decision must be made.

              1.A mutually acceptable rearrangement of the match can be made.

              2.If not, then the match is declared a 3-3 draw and no bonus points or individual results are awarded.

     17.  In the event of two teams having the same number of points at the end of the season creating a tie, the winner shall be decided by:

    • (a) Most team fixture points
    • (b) Most team matches won
    • (c) Most individual games won
    • (d) Points scored in the match(es) between the tied teams.

  •  18.   The League also incorporates a Player of the Year competition where the player with the best individual record in the League shall receive an award at the end of the season. 8 points will be awarded for a match win, 3 points for a half and 0 points for a loss. If two or more players are tied on points at the end of the season, the following tiebreakers shall be used:

      -  Number of matches won
      -  Number of away matches won
      -  Number of matches halved
      -  Number of matches lost
      -  Aggregate of the win/loss margins in each match played
      -  If these fail to break the tie, the award will be shared.


  1. Any dispute shall be put in writing to the Secretary of the League within one week of its arising. The clubs unaffected by this dispute shall then decide by vote on its resolution. In the event of there being no majority in this vote, the Secretary of the League's decision shall be final.

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