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Avon Trophy Rules

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  1. All matches shall be greensomes matchplay with six pairs per match. No changes to pairings are permitted once team sheets have been exchanged without the permission of the opposing Captain.

  2. All matches to be played from the normal competition tees if available using the men's course and slope ratings. If the normal competition tees are not available, use the tees of the day or mats if in operation. Winter greens are permitted.

  3. If competition tees from a measured course are in play, use the appropriate WHS conversion table for calculating course handicaps from the particular set of tees to be used. If winter mats or a non-measured course are in play then the yellow tee course and slope ratings are to be used for handicap calculation.

  4. All players must have ACTIVE handicaps. The maximum course playing handicap is 18, calculated from the handicap index and the course/slope ratings for the course which is hosting the match and for the appropriate set of tees at that club.

  5. In the event of a tie, the Captains can nominate a pair to play off to get a result by sudden death. This pair must have played together in the match and must not be a new pairing selected from all team members. 

  6. Strokes shall be awarded as per the CONGU Greensomes Handicap Conversion Table. The greensomes handicap for the pair shall be calculated using this table and then rounded to the nearest full shot. Full difference of these handicaps shall be used as the stroke allowance for the match. This also applies in the event of a playoff.

  7. The draw for the first match for each club shall be conducted at the mid-season meeting. The draw for subsequent rounds shall be random and conducted before the contact date for that round. 

  8. The final shall be played over two legs, home and away, with a draw to be made for the team to play at home in the first leg.

  9. For all matches the home team in draw is responsible for contact and must offer dates to play match. If no contact made by contact date then the team forfeits right to play at home and away team can decide match venue and offer dates to play.   

  10. Social arrangements after the match to be as agreed between the Captains and each player to pay for own food.i.e. the home side does not provide and pay for refreshment for the away team.

  11. All results shall be uploaded on to the Avon League website as soon as possible after each match.

  12. "Contact by" and "play by" dates are as follows:

    Round Arrange By Play By
    Preliminary October 1 October 31
    Quarter Final November 1 December 31
    Semi Final January 1 February 28
    Final - Leg 1 March 1 March 15
    Final - Leg 2 March 8 March 31

13.  Player eligibility

(a) Players must be a current member of a currently participating club.

(b) If a player moves clubs, or changes their nominated club, they will be ineligible to play in the remainder of the current Avon Trophy competition.

(c) Players are only eligible to change their nominated club once in a calendar year. This applies across all Avon competitions.

(d) In addition to the above, players with memberships at more than one participating club are subject to the rules below.

(e) For players who hold membership at multiple participating clubs, they should represent their “Home” club (i.e. the club at which their handicap is held).

(i) Should a player wish to represent an “Away” club (i.e. a club of which they are a current member but not the one where their handicap is held), they must first obtain the permission of the Committee of both their “Home” and “Away” clubs, in addition to the permission of the League Secretary.

(ii) The player will not be eligible to play against any other clubs of which they are a member.

(f) Should a club be found to be fielding an ineligible player, they will lose the individual game in which the ineligible player participated. If this change to the match score should result in a draw, the club fielding the ineligible player will lose the match.

14.  By entering the Avon League, each member club at the start of each season of play in the League (usually around

       April 1st) agrees to contribute their share of the Trophy Fund for the League, Trophy and Challenge for that year.

Last amended: October 2023

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