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Statistics for Avon League 2018

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62danny keyte (Atherstone Golf Club)
59James Shepherd (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
59Jacob Parsons (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
51Andy Nicholls (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
51Simon Parsons (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
48Iain Lythall (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
48Gareth Leyshon (Atherstone Golf Club)
48Edward Leyshon (Atherstone Golf Club)
48Mark Hampton (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
46JOHN BROARDHURST (Atherstone Golf Club)
43Max Dargan (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
43Danny Jordan (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
43Daniel Powell (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
43Martin Hallam (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
43Kristian Summerfield (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
40Marc Walker (Atherstone Golf Club)
40Dan Hunter (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
40Neal Tugman (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
40Bill Leahy (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
40Mark Young (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
38Paul Wilcox (Whitefields Golf Club)
38Andy Duke (Whitefields Golf Club)
38Norman Moorhead (Copsewood Grange Golf Club)
35Philip Newton (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
35Matty Moore (Copsewood Grange Golf Club)
35Martyn Hughes (Atherstone Golf Club)
33Graham Catt (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
32James Heaton (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
32Richie Gray (Whitefields Golf Club)
32Jon Large (Whitefields Golf Club)
32Richard Hadley (Whitefields Golf Club)
32Gavin Williams (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
32Paul Betambeau (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
32Simon Whitehead (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
32Martin Moore (Copsewood Grange Golf Club)
32Bruno Hughes (Rugby Golf Club)
32Jakob Hegelund (Copsewood Grange Golf Club)
32Robert Jenkins (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
32Dave Adams (Whitefields Golf Club)
32Dave Eslick (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
32Stuart Spencer (Atherstone Golf Club)
32Nick Sweatman (Atherstone Golf Club)
32Steve Barbor (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
30Mark Ridley (Rugby Golf Club)
30Bob Hurley (Copsewood Grange Golf Club)
30Jim Dolman (Atherstone Golf Club)
27Harry Nicholls (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
27Dale Willden (Copsewood Grange Golf Club)
27Jon Ried (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
27Jon Blake (Oakridge Golf Club)
27steve mace (Oakridge Golf Club)
27Jeff Peasland (Oakridge Golf Club)
27Bob Dhammi (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
27Jason Austin (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
27Tony Dermot (Oakridge Golf Club)
27Jake Day (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
24Gordon Palmer (Copsewood Grange Golf Club)
24Nigel Whitaker (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
24Richard Iles (Oakridge Golf Club)
24Karl Love (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
24Andy Davill (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
24Ivor Bourne (Whitefields Golf Club)
24Duncan Thornley-Yates (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
24Hugh Radley (Rugby Golf Club)
24Steve Walker (Atherstone Golf Club)
24Wayne Knighton (Rugby Golf Club)
24Steve Hammond (Rugby Golf Club)
24Peter Mcintosh (Whitefields Golf Club)
24Andrew Shaw (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
22Peter Deeming (Atherstone Golf Club)
22Kevin Evans (Oakridge Golf Club)
22Andrew Connolly (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
22Mark Newton (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
22Ray O'Brien (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
22Adam Edwards (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
22Tony Papps (Oakridge Golf Club)
19Paul Riches (Whitefields Golf Club)
19Paul Harvey (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
19Martin Joshua (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
19Gary Burdett (Whitefields Golf Club)
19Dummy Player (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
19Andrew Kirk (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
19Finley Stokes (Atherstone Golf Club)
19Eddie Harvey (Atherstone Golf Club)
19Peter Laydon (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
17Simon Daysh (Rugby Golf Club)
16Greg Mc Bain (Whitefields Golf Club)
16John Amer (Rugby Golf Club)
16Steve Hamp (Rugby Golf Club)
16Mark Youson (Atherstone Golf Club)
16Adam Hopla-Phillips (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
16Mark Williams (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
16Terry Smith (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
16WIll Roche (Oakridge Golf Club)
16Ady Stock (Whitefields Golf Club)
16Mark Moist (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
16Peter Richards (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
16Christopher Smith (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
16Jamie Snowdon (Rugby Golf Club)
16Andy Cooke (Copsewood Grange Golf Club)
16Paul Ward (Oakridge Golf Club)
16Danny Conway (Copsewood Grange Golf Club)
16Mark J Watts (Oakridge Golf Club)
16Andy Gall (Whitefields Golf Club)
16Paul Hindmarsh (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
16Martin Ryan (Copsewood Grange Golf Club)
16Stephan Clarke (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
16Adam Ferraro (Atherstone Golf Club)
16Danny Naylor (Copsewood Grange Golf Club)
16Ian Stranks (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
16Adam Land (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
16Dave Thomas (Rugby Golf Club)
16Adam Wallbank (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
16Conor Sharkey (Copsewood Grange Golf Club)
16Scott Harris (Whitefields Golf Club)
16Basil Dodd (Whitefields Golf Club)
16Alan Prentice (Whitefields Golf Club)
16Gary Hodgson (Oakridge Golf Club)
16Jim Tuckley (Copsewood Grange Golf Club)
16Jeffrey Gilbert (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
16Wayne Phillips (Copsewood Grange Golf Club)
14simon walkeden (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
14Dummy Player 2 ()
14Bob Graham (Rugby Golf Club)
14Rob Walker (Oakridge Golf Club)
14Leon Rudd (Copsewood Grange Golf Club)
14paul ashley (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
14Dummy Player 3 ()
14Dummy Player 4 ()
14Paul Tunnicliffe (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
11Gareth Hickin (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
11Dave Sollis (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
11Garath Williams (Rugby Golf Club)
11Dummy Player 5 ()
11Ian Donnelly (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
11Dave Shipley (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
11Harry Bromwich (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
11Matt Phillips (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
11A N Other ()
11Ciaran Tool (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
11Graeme Hogg (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
11Chris Brown (Copsewood Grange Golf Club)
11Kevin Bennett (Rugby Golf Club)
9Les Hancock (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
9Barry Pegler (Rugby Golf Club)
9Tony White (Oakridge Golf Club)
8Craig Gillespie (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
8Lewis Heatherington (Rugby Golf Club)
8Callum Morrow (Oakridge Golf Club)
8Dan Clifford (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
8Alistair l Liddle (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
8Ryan Brogan (Oakridge Golf Club)
8Phil Ash (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
8Ben Hinson (Rugby Golf Club)
8Robin Taylor (Oakridge Golf Club)
8Dean Chidlow (Rugby Golf Club)
8Justin Hardy (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
8Mark Byrd (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
8Ollie Clark (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
8Ian Ridley (Rugby Golf Club)
8Andrew Bennett (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
8Ed ILes (Oakridge Golf Club)
8Ollie Chater (Rugby Golf Club)
8Alan Pepper (Whitefields Golf Club)
8Harvey Elliot-Money (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
8Colin Grinham (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
8Kieran Papps (Oakridge Golf Club)
8Chris Laird (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
8Justin Bourner (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
8Alun Thomas (Copsewood Grange Golf Club)
8Warwick Masser (Oakridge Golf Club)
8Andrew Hughes (Whitefields Golf Club)
8Dummy Player 6 ()
8daniel coles (Atherstone Golf Club)
8Adam Thompson (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
8PHIL CHALLIS (Atherstone Golf Club)
8Ashley Bulpitt (Copsewood Grange Golf Club)
8Andy Morris (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
8Chris Lumb (Oakridge Golf Club)
8Simon Bridges (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
8Julian Rance (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
8Dean Marsh (Oakridge Golf Club)
8Terry Hodgetts (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
8Josh Thompson-Smith ()
8Paul Crampton (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
8Mark Franklin (Oakridge Golf Club)
8Chris Johnson (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
8Tony Allsop (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
8Alex byrd (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
8ALEX PIPER (Atherstone Golf Club)
8Daniel Harrison (Copsewood Grange Golf Club)
8William Felton (Whitefields Golf Club)
8Mike Bird (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
8Duncan Gardner (Whitefields Golf Club)
8John Breslin (Copsewood Grange Golf Club)
8Tom Newton (Kings Norton Golf Club)
8Geoff Rowe (Oakridge Golf Club)
8Andrew Curry (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
8Christopher Shaw (Rugby Golf Club)
8Jake Perry (Oakridge Golf Club)
8Neil Betteridge (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
8Matt Bell (Rugby Golf Club)
8Andy Dickinson (Copsewood Grange Golf Club)
8James Neale (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
8Jim Brogan (Oakridge Golf Club)
6Peter Day (Rugby Golf Club)
6Pete Rogers (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
6Jack Usher (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
3Ady Brophy (Copsewood Grange Golf Club)
3Dean Young (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
3Loe Matjaszek (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
3Andy Baughan (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
3Mike Burnett (Whitefields Golf Club)
3Josh Wright (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
3Steve Taylor (Copsewood Grange Golf Club)
3Andy Chainey (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
3David Plant (Rugby Golf Club)
3nigel rhodes (Atherstone Golf Club)
3Zak Smith (Whitefields Golf Club)
3Gary Martin (Rugby Golf Club)
3Rob Oddy (Copsewood Grange Golf Club)
3Lindsey Arrand (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
3Kevin Curtis (Oakridge Golf Club)
3John Burton (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)

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