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Statistics for Avon League 2015

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32Christopher Valentine (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
28LUKE EVANS (Atherstone Golf Club)
26Robbie Hancocks (Atherstone Golf Club)
24Mike Hoult (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
24EDDY MURPHY (Atherstone Golf Club)
24Dave Adams (Whitefields Golf Club)
24alan blick (Henley Golf & Country Club)
24Danny Jordan (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
24Richard Bush (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
24Tony Papps (Oakridge Golf Club)
24WAYNE JACQUES (Atherstone Golf Club)
24Karl Rooke (Henley Golf & Country Club)
22paul crump (Atherstone Golf Club)
22Ralf Berghoff (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
22Greg Mc Bain (Whitefields Golf Club)
22Andy Duke (Whitefields Golf Club)
22John Cooke (Ingon Manor Golf Club)
20Ian West (Oakridge Golf Club)
20Tony White (Oakridge Golf Club)
20Graham Catt (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
20Dave King (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
20Ian Donnelly (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
20Matt Teece (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
20Mark Youson (Atherstone Golf Club)
20Aaron Horton (Atherstone Golf Club)
20Carl Cullen (Henley Golf & Country Club)
18Richie Gray (Whitefields Golf Club)
18Martyn Hughes (Atherstone Golf Club)
18James Shepherd (Coventry Golf Club)
18Ellis Roberts (Whitefields Golf Club)
18Ady Stock (Whitefields Golf Club)
18Ben Smith (Ingon Manor Golf Club)
18Aneil Chauhan. (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
18Adam Edwards (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
16Andy Morris (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
16Mason West (Oakridge Golf Club)
16Paul George (Stratford Park Hotel & Golf Club)
16Ben Hinson (Rugby Golf Club)
16Philip Newton (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
16John Clifford (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
16Christopher Shaw (Rugby Golf Club)
16Nick Finch (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
16Stuart Spencer (Atherstone Golf Club)
16Nathan Blick (Henley Golf & Country Club)
16Nigel Denton (Rugby Golf Club)
16Mike Bird (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
16Harry Nicholls (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
16Dan Van Stratten (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
16Nick Sweatman (Atherstone Golf Club)
16Matthew Wren (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
16Mark Ridley (Rugby Golf Club)
16Adam Wallbank (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
14Matthew Betts (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
14Dave Mytton (Atherstone Golf Club)
14Craig Gillespie (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
14Paul Tait (Ingon Manor Golf Club)
14Steve Crompton (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
14Barry Parkes (Oakridge Golf Club)
14Dave Eslick (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
14Adam Ferraro (Atherstone Golf Club)
14Sam Price (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
12Scott gould (Oakridge Golf Club)
12Simon Daysh (Rugby Golf Club)
12Brian Farrow (Henley Golf & Country Club)
12David Plant (Rugby Golf Club)
12Chris Davis (Ingon Manor Golf Club)
12Gavin Smith (Oakridge Golf Club)
12Dean Young (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
12Andrew Connolly (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
12Jamie Mancini (Oakridge Golf Club)
12Ian Rawlinson (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
12Paul Clayton (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
12Paul Lovegrove (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
12David Woolcock (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
12Mick Hunt (Henley Golf & Country Club)
12Paul Wilcox (Whitefields Golf Club)
12Robert Gerrard (Henley Golf & Country Club)
12John Charles Wragg (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
12Keith Tarran (Henley Golf & Country Club)
12Ivor Bourne (Whitefields Golf Club)
12Karl Mason (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
12Adrian Gracey (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
10Alan Prentice (Whitefields Golf Club)
10Chris Miller (Ingon Manor Golf Club)
10Robert Cook (Stratford Park Hotel & Golf Club)
10Terry Hodgetts (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
10Simon Jones (Henley Golf & Country Club)
10Karl Love (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
10IAN ALLINSON (Atherstone Golf Club)
10Mark Franklin (Oakridge Golf Club)
10Chris Lumb (Oakridge Golf Club)
10Barry Pegler (Rugby Golf Club)
10Adam Land (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
10martin mcfadden (Oakridge Golf Club)
10Matt Phillips (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
10Gary Burdett (Whitefields Golf Club)
10VINCE LEE (Atherstone Golf Club)
10Peter Mcintosh (Whitefields Golf Club)
10Mark Reeve (Henley Golf & Country Club)
10Marc Walker (Atherstone Golf Club)
10Robin Hartley (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
10William Felton (Whitefields Golf Club)
10Jeffrey Clewes (Warwickshire Earls)
10Neil Betteridge (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
8Rob Cheshire (Oakridge Golf Club)
8Scott Pryde (Whitefields Golf Club)
8Tom Newton (Kings Norton Golf Club)
8Andy Sutton (Ingon Manor Golf Club)
8Eddie Ingram (Henley Golf & Country Club)
8Darren Turner (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
8Richard Beddow (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
8Simon Price (Rugby Golf Club)
8Bob Dhammi (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
8Adam Cook (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
8Ben Dorrofield (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
8Mike Burnett (Whitefields Golf Club)
8John Hall (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
8Paul Van Der Hayden (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
8joe ingram (Henley Golf & Country Club)
8Dave Sollis (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
8Richard Garbett (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
8Mark Young (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
8Jake Day (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
8Andy Walsh (Rugby Golf Club)
8KEVIN POWELL (Atherstone Golf Club)
8David Goodwin (Ingon Manor Golf Club)
8Andrew Dyson (Henley Golf & Country Club)
8Paul Colbourne (Whitefields Golf Club)
8Andy Chesshire (Stratford Park Hotel & Golf Club)
8John Amer (Rugby Golf Club)
6Paul Betambeau (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
6Andrew Curry (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
6John Adams (Stratford Park Hotel & Golf Club)
6Jeffrey Gilbert (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
6Corey Keeling (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
6Lee Day (Atherstone Golf Club)
6Julian Webster (Rugby Golf Club)
6Ken Baxter (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
6TOM BOLSTRIDGE (Atherstone Golf Club)
6Richard Wlodarczyk (Rugby Golf Club)
4Neil Wilson (Stratford Park Hotel & Golf Club)
4Thor Thomson (Handicap Master C)
4Ollie Chater (Rugby Golf Club)
4Jim Statham (Henley Golf & Country Club)
4Glyn Day (Atherstone Golf Club)
4David Marsden (Oakridge Golf Club)
4Bill Leahy (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
4John Hathaway (Ingon Manor Golf Club)
4PHIL CHALLIS (Atherstone Golf Club)
4Andy Nicholls (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
4Andrew Hughes (Whitefields Golf Club)
4Bill Merrifield (Henley Golf & Country Club)
4Andy Chainey (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
4Eddie Hodgkiss (Henley Golf & Country Club)
4Dave Cooper (Oakridge Golf Club)
4Peter Evans (Oakridge Golf Club)
4Chris Hobson (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
4Jeff Buckland (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
4Duncan Snook (Rugby Golf Club)
4Clive Peters (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
4Liam Mellor (Atherstone Golf Club)
4Chris Brown (Copsewood Grange Golf Club)
4Ben Bernamont (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
4Bernie Ibbs (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
4Andy Gardiner (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
4Nico Pretorius (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
4JOHN BROARDHURST (Atherstone Golf Club)
4Ian Ridley (Rugby Golf Club)
4damian jacques (Atherstone Golf Club)
4Jason Austin (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
4RICKY EATON (Atherstone Golf Club)
4Martyn Walker (Rugby Golf Club)
4Dean Marsh (Oakridge Golf Club)
4Nigel Whitaker (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
4Jack Jones (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
4David Beese (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
4NIGEL EVANS (Atherstone Golf Club)
4Kwame Senyah (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
4ALEX PIPER (Atherstone Golf Club)
4Gareth Surdo (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
4Jon Large (Whitefields Golf Club)
4David Mayor (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
4Chris Grimshaw (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
4Jon Blake (Oakridge Golf Club)
4Raphael Reith (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
4Michael Towers (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
4Marc O'Hara (Whitefields Golf Club)
4Abdool Rohomon (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
4Graeme Hay (Ingon Manor Golf Club)
4Dave Shipley (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
4John Jalowiecki (Ingon Manor Golf Club)
4Mark Hampton (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
4Andy Baughan (Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course)
4Christopher Smith (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
4Peter Russell (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
4Scott Varden (Atherstone Golf Club)
4mark grady (Atherstone Golf Club)
4WAYNE MOORE (Atherstone Golf Club)
4Ray O'Brien (The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
4Jamie Hammersley (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
4MICK GALLAGHER (Atherstone Golf Club)
4Grant Woolaston (Oakridge Golf Club)
4Dave Austin (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
2James Hayes (Ingon Manor Golf Club)
2Matthew Fenton (Henley Golf & Country Club)
2Peter Davies (Stratford Oaks Golf Club)
2Tom Cullen (Abbey Hotel Golf & Country Club (The))
2Robert Jenkins (Stonebridge Golf Centre)
2PAUL BUTLER (Atherstone Golf Club)
2Paul Freeman (Henley Golf & Country Club)
2Martin Weaver (Rugby Golf Club)
2Lee Hodgeson (Oakridge Golf Club)
2Sam Righton (Ingon Manor Golf Club)
2Charlie Lloyd (Rugby Golf Club)

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